New Fractal Art Added To Zazzle Store

New Fractal Art Added To Zazzle Store

Recently, I have been creating various types of printed works for you to purchase at The Store is looking much better now, especially since the additional art I have been creating.

Section of cotton fabric material for sewing, charged by the yard.
Ceramic Tile featuring an image of a Poker Card
Cold Can Keeper, a neoprene container for cold cans of your favourite bevereges.
Eye Of Desire Skateboard Deck – Different Types of Decks Available!

You can find many more designs of mine by going to My Zazzle Store now!

I  truly appreciate the support that you provide by purchasing my art in many different mediums!

Don’t  forget to find many Free Wallpapers  for your Desktop Computer and Mobile Devices on my Wallpaper pages.

Thank you!

Fractal Flames Making A Big Hit

Posting my Fractal Flames and Fractal Composite images

on social media websites has been my usual daily activity for some time now.
I not only post my Fractal Flames and Fractal Composite Art on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but look for new places to share my art.

The Big Problem

There is a problem I have with doing that!
That is, you post your content and like, share and comment on other people’s posts.
Then just like all other social sites, they surround your post with advertisements to a varying degree.
But those famous sites listed above, all “Keep The Money“, they keep all of the revenue generated from advertising that is surrounding your content.

The Failure of Tsū

Tsū tried the model of paying out to the content posting users 90% of advertising revenue and keeping only 10% of the total revenue to pay bills with.

They only lasted about two years, then went dark. Shutting the door on any further posting on their site and leaving users without the minimum amount of $100 in the Tsū bank without the money that they had earned being paid to them, unfortunately I was one of them!

They explained later that the whole project was an experiment. Leaving most users with quite a sour taste in their mouths.

So, we users were left out on a limb, looking for a new home to share our art and commentary to.

Some found a couple other places similar to the Tsū model, paying users an extremely small amount of revenue from their ad revenue.

Never Going Back!

Some users were fed up completely and were sworn off ever trying anything similar again and so returned to the same big giants that pay you nothing from the massive revenue that is generated from your work, as previously mentioned.
I’m sure that they are very happy to have you back! But now there is a new player emerging that is similar in some ways to the Tsū.co framework.

Enter a new player into this pay for content model, they are similar to others in that they pay for your content being used to show advertising, but they pay quite a substantial amount per view as compared to the others mentioned. There is a system of points generated each time some action is taken that is considered participating in the experience of the website. is the new kid on the block and for just posting, sharing and commenting on posts on this site for less than two weeks, my revenue is higher now compared to what I earned on Tsū for more than four months!
Plus, you do not have to earn loads of money to be in a position to get a payment from Virily. Having $10.00 in credit on your account is enough to receive a payment. Unlike the almost unreachable amount on other sites before qualifying for a payment!
The company behind the website is trading out of Estonia and it looks as if they have found a balance which makes all involved happy.

Early Days – Anything Can Happen

It is of course early days and anything is possible, it could just end up being another flash in the pan site which will tend to dishearten even more users or it could end up being the test that we all want it to be.
After all, without trying new things we are doomed to stagnation.
I will be revisiting this subject with updates whenever they develop. As for now, this new platform “Virily” appears to be the one to watch and learn from.

Join Me and Get Paid

Please take a minute to pop over and visit me and my friends on Virily to see for yourself what the fuss is about, after all, I am not writing great articles about Facebook or Twitter am I?
I will be posting most days there and probably have newer images on my profile there for you to see and comment on.
We would be happy to have you involved in the making of a new model of social website, where we are all making money! Having more people get involved is what brings in the advertiser’s who are spending the money that gets paid to the users of the website, which in turn, makes it more popular and will continue to cycle in the user/advertiser dynamic.
So, in other words, the more users the better for everyone!
You saw how much growth the big social sites experienced over the past ten years, with that growth came advertising, it always follows the eyeballs, if your eyes are on Virily, then the advertiser’s will be there too, spending money that pays you!

I hope to see you there.

2017 Calendars of Fractal Art

2017 Calendars of Fractal Art

2017 Calendar No5

2017 Calendar No4

2017 Calendar No3

2017 Calendar No2

2017 Calendar No1


To Download the 2017 Calendar of your choice just right-click on it and choose “Save as” or “Save link” or similar depending upon your computer setup.

I would like to thank you for visiting and supporting my efforts with your kind donations! The fact that you enjoy my art is simply so meaningful to me that it makes my heart beat stronger!

I will continue to bring you more free artwork for your computer screens, wallpaper and more in the coming year.

I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Fractal Designs Recent Art

Fractal Designs Recent Art

Here is a video created using the Google movie creator inside of Google Images app.

I chose several of my recent works and combined them into this video with a soundtrack from the choices available in the app.

Please comment to tell my your thoughts!

Fractal Designs to Extreme

Fractal Designs To Extreme

A collection of some of the latest Fractal Art which I created using various fractal and post-processing editors to bring you some extreme graphics in an extreme video that was made using the Google Photos Video Editor, which just shows up as if by magic when you have a collection of cool graphics to show…

I suppose that’s how it works??

Anyway, it was there and I used it to bring you this video!

As always, your comments are welcome!


Gnarly Fractal Clip

Gnarly Fractal Clip

This is the latest Fractal Clip from my imagination and JWildfire the  Free Fractal Flame editor.

I was in a hurry (as usual) so didn’t add any music or sound to this and it is pretty short too. More like a test animation to see the render time of all the images that go into making a movie clip.

I was surprised to see it didn’t take too long at high quality, but it is only 360p so needs work for me to get a 1080p render of the same – adding music too!



New Composite UHD Fractal Art

Rendering Elements to use as parts for a bigger picture is very rewarding!

Today I have two different views from my latest Composite UHD Fractal Art piece!

This type of Fractal Art was inspired by the excellent work of Xzendor7 aka Rolando Bourbon

You can download either size for your wallpaper on a Personal use licence, use them for your own displays but please do not use for any commercial endeavors.

Your first download is in the UHD Gallery for 4K displays which is a great size to view your wallpaper at!

Elements Composite 01 - 4K render
Elements Composite 01 – 4K render

The second view is a zoom view to the center of the 4K image above with a close-up view of the main Elements!

Elements Composite 01 - 1080p render
Elements Composite 01 – 1080p render


I hope you enjoy these two new composite UHD Fractal Art images. Please let me know if you would like to have a wider selection of either size images.

Fractals explained by Arthur C Clarke

Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity

Arthur C Clark, co-writer of “2001: A Space Odyssey” along with Stanley Kubrick, tells the fascinating story of the discovery of the Mandlebrot Set and the beginning of a new generation of fractals, fractal images, fractal geometry and fractal image generators. The music is provided by David Gilmore from the band “Pink Floyd” and is awesome in itself!

2001: A Space Odyssey (film)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 British-American science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The screenplay was co-written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, and was partially inspired by Clarke’s short story The Sentinel. Clarke concurrently wrote the novel 2001: A Space Odyssey which was published soon after the film was released. The story deals with a series of encounters between humans and mysterious black monoliths that are apparently affecting human evolution, and a space voyage to Jupiter tracing a signal emitted by one such monolith found on the moon. Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood star as the two astronauts on this voyage, with Douglas Rain as the voice of the sentient computer HAL 9000 who has full control over their spaceship. The film is frequently described as an “epic film“, both for its length and scope, and for its affinity with classical epics.[2][3]

Fractal Image Composite-Burn in Hell

Fractal Image Composite “Burn in Hell”

Composite fractal images named "Burn in Hell"
“Burn in Hell”
Made from different fractal images combined with an old image from an anatomy book.

I put this together from fractal images made in J-Wildfire and an old image taken from a book of anatomy about 100 years old. I used Photoshop to layer the images and add a little “liquify effect” to the bottom flame.

Chakra Balancing Globe Fractal Image

This Fractal Image is named “Chakra Balancing Globe”.

Fractal Image named “Chakra Balancing Globe”

This fractal flame is one that I spent some considerable time “chasing”, as it was elusive while trying to get the image balanced correctly. It may be a little dark, but I believe it adds to the mystical aspect of the whole image.

I hope it looks as good to you as it does to me, I really have been trying to get my Chakras into balance and this will help to meditate with, let me know your comments about this and others on this site. I am really interested in your views!