J-Wildfire Fractal Generator in the News

J-Wildfire Fractal Generator in the News!

Find the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbEl4sKOy-A

The first two minutes of this video is about J-Wildfire Fractal Generator and how it works!

Watch this now if you are interested in making really cool fractal flames. The program is the most intuitive fractal generator I’ve ever used. Unlike other fractal flame generators, J-Wildfire has been created with the ease of use at it’s heart. You can not only generate fantastic “flames” with this software, but you will be able to make so many adjustments to them that the possibilities are infinite just like fractals themselves!

Andreas Maschke, the creator and mad scientist behind the software is continually updating the program and releases updates for it usually on a monthly basis.

The newest development in J-Wildfire Fractal Generator is the creation of an App that runs on Android and is available in the Android store at “Play” – Google’s Android App Store! The app is not quite as full blown as the desktop program, but still has many of the great features and once you generate flames with the app you can export to the main program and work with them further and render them at whatever size you choose.

Even if you are a seasoned user of some other fractal generators, you will probably find that this program will let you create flames on a level that is much easier to use than anything you are used to and rendering is done with a new type of rendering engine that will also let you watch the render as it happens in real-time!

There is also a lot more to this program that you will want to find out about once you get in and start using it. You will absolutely love the way that you can create movies from your fractals after they have been created and add a music track to it and watch your fractals “Dance”, this is just one of the unique features that J-Wildfire Fractal Generator has waiting for you inside!

One of the most interesting things about this program is that the desktop version is “Absolutely Free” and called “Donation-ware”, meaning that if you are getting some value out of it then it would be best to show this with a donation to the creator of the software to help defer the costs of development and to show your gratitude for Giving freely to the fractal community!

The J-Wildfire Fractal Generator is my favorite fractal flame generator for creating some really great artwork with. I don’t say this to brag about me, but more to brag about the software and what is possible when you get into using it. Believe me, once you start using it you will be hooked and there is no looking back from there – Be Warned!

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